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M18 Proximity capacitive sensor with plastic housing

Brand : KJTDQ
Product origin : Nanjing,China
Delivery time : 7-10 work days
Supply capacity : 10-36Vdc /90-250Vac /20-250V dc/ac

Product Description

M18 Proximity capacitive sensor with plastic housing The capacitive proximity switch is also a position sensor with a switch output. First, measure the capacitance between the sensor sensing electrode and the circuit potential electrode. A close object affects the capacitance between the poles of the capacitor. Electric field. This principle applies not only to metal but also to nonmetallics. Capacitive sensors typically operate through an RC oscillator, even if a small capacitance change affects its amplitude. The integrated circuit then converts the amplitude to the switching signal , The sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer.

Product Features:

1) Multiplicity appearance 

2) Compact volume 

3) High repeat orientation precision 

4) Many output form 

5) Strong protection distribution 

6) Wide voltage range 

7) Dustproof, vibration-proof, waterproof and oil-proof 

8) With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection 

9) Service life up to one million 

10) Adopts envelop glue, temperature resist, oil-proof colophony in it 

Product Parameters


 Flush         Non-flush


 5mm           8mm

  Power supply

10-36V DC

  Housing size

M18*80        M18*80        

  Thread size

M18*65        M18*57



  Temperature drift




  Repeat accuracy


  Load current


  Residual voltage


  Consumption current


  Protection circuit

surge, overload, short-circuit,  

reverse polarity


Yellow LED

  Ambient temp. 


  Ambient RH




  Protection degree


  Housing material



PUR Cable 2m

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